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20 Creative DIY Crafts From Empty Wine Bottles

George R.R. Martin once said that ‘wine makes all things possible’ and it could be argued that this doesn’t finish when the last, delectable splash finally leaves the bottle.

Apart from the obvious process of imbibing every delicious drop, these versatile decanters are ripe for upcycling and serve a multitude of purposes. From the simplest of vases for presenting fantastic flowers to incredible walls built of beautiful brightly-coloured bottles, the opportunities are endless with these excellent, innovative ideas to recycle the most everyday of products. Grab a glass, sit back, relax and enjoy our creative, crafty list of the best DIY Projects (made) from Wine Bottles.

How to flatten empty wine bottles and use them to create amazing crafts. Click to see more DIY crafts from old wine bottles.

How to flatten wine bottles / Get the full tutorial here / From Ehow

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